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Finding a Homeschool Community Online

Figuring out how to be a homeschooler is overwhelming. Do you know what helps? Having a community and support system to guide you.

One of the first things I did when I began thinking about homeschooling was:

  • Follow other homeschoolers on Instagram

  • Join homeschool Facebook groups

I encourage you to connect with homeschoolers near and far, both new and veteran.

Are you on Facebook? If so, there is an entire world of homeschooling groups and resources available to you. Finding a group to belong is not difficult; try searching within the groups list on Facebook and insert any of the following plus "homeschool" or "homeschooling" - [city/region/state], [curriculum], [special need], [grade level], [homeschool method], secular, inclusive... As you add more modifiers, groups will be more tailored to you.

Here are a few examples to try:

  • Homeschool Texas Secular

  • Classical Homeschool

  • Unit Study Homeschool

  • High School Homeschool

  • Singapore Math Homescool

Not on FB? Try connecting in a forum. Before the days of social media, chat rooms and message boards were where people connected online. Here are some popular ones: The Well Trained Mind Community, Rainbow Resource - Our Homeschool Forum, and Homeschool Central.

Here are a few of my favorite groups (not an exhaustive list); I encourage you to find a group that fits your needs! Remember to read the group's description and guidelines and answer their membership questions to be added. Then, check out their pinned posts and use the search function to find information.

What are your favorite homeschool groups?

With Love,


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