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State Requirements for Homeschool

So, you want to homeschool, but you're unsure of your state's requirements. I got you covered. Check out for a detailed guide of each state's legal requirements. Most states are low regulation, while some states, like New York, are high regulation.

Texas is considered, "no notification, low

regulation," meaning that I do not have to give notice before withdrawing my child from public school. Immunizations and standardized assessments are not required for us to homeschool. The standard age group is 6-18 years old, and I must cover the following mandated subjects: math, reading, grammar, spelling, and good citizenship. History and science are not required, but colleges require them. Also, I must use a "written" curriculum; this includes online too.

While Texas does not require homeschoolers to maintain records, it is recommended by HSLDA for various reasons:

  • Public school entry

  • Employment

  • College/university enrollment

  • Military admittance

I keep track of attendance, plus what we cover in each subject, through my planner, and eventually I'll create a transcript for each student.

Each state's rules and guidelines are different, so defer to this website for more information. For example, California is considered a "low regulation state," but when I checked it out, there were a bunch of guidelines for the three varied forms of home education listed.

Are you considering homeschooling? What state are you in?

Join us next #topictuesday as I share another blog post in the series: How to Become a Homeschooler.

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