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​​Busy Toddler

Don't you wish there was a blueprint for preschool at home? *POOF* There is! Insert Playing Preschool from author, early childhood education advocate, and mom of three, Susie Allison. It's the wildly popular, simple homeschool curriculum that everyone is raving about. Be sure to check out her Busy Toddler blog for a rabbit hole of fun activities, honest parenting tips, and genius supply lists.

Kids Eat in Color

Founded by a pediatric dietitian, Kids Eat in Color is a team of experts that helps parents end food battles and teach their kids to try new foods. From strategies to reverse picky eating to meal tips, we are here to help families reduce mealtime stress and eat happier.

Arrows and Applesauce

The incredibly talented, homeschool mama behind Arrows and Applesauce, Kristen, carefully creates colorful and interactive printables to enhance your homeschool. Print, play, and help your child to grow in knowledge and faith.


Rooted in Language

Rooted in Language provides instructional materials for typical learners as well as those with dyslexia, dysgraphia, and other language struggles. They also provide educator training for homeschool parents, tutors, and classroom teachers. RIL’s products and classes cover all the key areas of language arts: reading, spelling, grammar, vocabulary, and writing. Help students of all ages and stages grow their literacy skills with research-based, deep learning strategies.

Yummy Toddler Food

Feeding toddlers doesn't have to be hard. Author, editor, recipe developer and mama of three, Amy Palanjian, offers encouragement, reassurance and delicious, easy recipes with an array of cookbooks and inspired blog articles. Yum!

Kid Friendly Meals

Join Min, a registered dietician and food blogger, as she shares her approach to fast and easy meals for the whole family, especially babies and toddlers. Bursting with flavor, the delicious meals in her cookbooks, make cooking and life a little less complicated.

Charlotte Mason Simple Languages

Teach Spanish or another modern language at home, even if you don't speak it. This Charlotte Mason inspired curriculum is modern language made simple for homeschool families. Teach your little ones Spanish and other languages through nature and animal inspired studies.

Form + Function Curriculum

From cells to dissection, join April, Outschool A&P Instructor and homeschool mama, on a journey through the incredible human body. Her amazing unit studies and Outschool classes are constructed for learners of all ages and levels.

The Masterpiece Studio: Build Your Masterpiece Class

Build Your Masterpiece Class unit studies encourage homeschool families to #ReadPaintCook together as they build a masterpiece in the comfort of their own home. This is a wonderful hands-on, multi-subject homeschool program for children who love adventure, culture, reading, art and cooking.

Raising a Legacy

Raising A Legacy is an excellent multi-subject, holiday-centered curriculum designed to foster conversations in families and encourage children to think critically about history, culture and religion.

Living Lessons in Reading

Teach reading, simply and skillfully, with a completely scripted, open-and-go, Charlotte Mason inspired curriculum for the homeschool educator.

The Maker's Business Toolkit

Are you a creator and small business owner? Do you want to be one? Get organized with The Maker’s Yearbook, a planner and goal setting workbook designed especially for artists, makers and handmade business owners, like yourself. Join the thousands of makers who have used this planner system to go from unfocused and frustrated to intentional and productive.

Homeschool CEO Community

Finding balance between the many hats that we wear: mom, teacher, chaos coordinator, entrepreneur, and CEO can feel overwhelming, but with the right community, support, and connection, we can feel empowered and fierce. Find confidence, friendship, and guidance within the Homeschool CEO Community.


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